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PenCS adds MyMedicare eligibility filter to Clinical Audit Tool

15 January 2024
By Kate McDonald
Image: iStock

Health analytics software provider PenCS has added new features to its Clinical Audit Tool (CAT) to help general practices and Aboriginal health organisations to streamline the process of identifying patients who are eligible for the Australian government’s new MyMedicare voluntary patient enrolment scheme.

CAT has been designed to identify practice patients at risk of unplanned hospital visits using a risk of hospitalisation algorithm as well as those eligible for various programs such as screening initiatives and GP management plans and team care arrangements. It includes a

It now has new filters and reports to flag patients eligible for MyMedicare based on specific criteria such as patient visit history, age, risk of chronic conditions, those with chronic disease management plans, residents of aged care facility and whether they hold a concession card.

PenCS CEO Edweana Wenkart said CAT will be used to automate the identification process with MyMedicare, addressing administrative constraints and enhancing healthcare access to ensure a smoother and more streamlined workflow.

“PenCS is pleased our robust CAT software solution will play a pivotal role in identifying patients who may benefit from MyMedicare, whilst streamlining the process for health providers to enable improved, proactive patient care,” Ms Wenkart said.

“The integration of CAT with MyMedicare aligns with PenCS’ commitment to use innovative health informatics technology to achieve optimal health outcomes whilst also supporting a more effective model that allows certainty for providers to plan around regular revenue instead of uncertain events.”

PenCS’ CAT tool is available as a standalone solution as well as part of CAT Plus, which also includes PenCS’s population health tool PAT and its Topbar decision support tool. It is integrated with the major practice management systems.

Rival practice intelligence platform Cubiko has also released a new module to allow general practices to streamline the implementation of MyMedicare.

The functionality allows users to directly import CSV lists of registered patients from MyMedicare listed in Services Australia’s Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) into Cubiko.

The dashboard is available at no cost to practices as part of Cubiko, as well as the free Cubiko Assist platform.

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