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Editorial Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in contributing a press release, article idea or opinion piece to Pulse+IT, we advise potential contributors to:

  1. Have a subscription to Pulse+IT
  2. Be familiar with the topics Pulse+IT reports on
  3. Contact us with a story outline via email in the first instance.

News Stories

Pulse+IT welcomes press releases and article suggestions from organisations operating in the health IT and digital health sectors. For Pulse+IT’s purposes, an ideal press release will:

  • Succinctly answer the four Ws (Who, What, Why, Where), as well as ‘How’
  • Be written in plain English, with technical terms clearly defined
  • Ensure any claims that are subjective or promotional in nature are attributed to a representative of the organisation.

Opinion Pieces

Pulse+IT also welcomes opinion pieces on things that are shaping digital health from experts in their fields. Opinion pieces ideally should be:

  • Written in non-academic language and stating an opinion
  • About a current topic of interest to the wider digital health and health IT industry
  • Free from promotional material from software or technology vendors about their products.

Word Counts

Pulse+IT does not prescribe word counts but recommends up to 800 words for news items and up to 1200 words for opinion pieces.

Article Submission

Before submitting an article to Pulse+IT, please note that:

  • Articles should be reviewed by at least one of the writer’s colleagues with an insight into the subject matter.
  • Accompanying photographs are high resolution jpgs, in landscape mode, with a caption.


Pulse+IT does not generally cover news relating to industry or academic awards.

Your leading voice in digital health news

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