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This page will assist people interested in contributing articles to Pulse+IT. The Editor advises potential contributors to:

  1. Review all information presented on this page.
  2. Familiarise themselves with articles recently published on the Pulse+IT website.
  3. Contact the Editor via email with a brief article outline.

The Editor will then provide guidance as to how suitable the proposed article is for publication and address any queries the writer may have.

Editorial Submission Guidelines

Pulse+IT welcomes submissions from Health IT experts and users of Health IT alike. These may take the form of:

1. Guest Editorials

Guest editorials are usually built upon the well-argued opinions of the author and typically contain a measure of subjectivity.

2. Feature Articles

Feature articles are usually of a technical or detailed nature.

Word Counts

Pulse+IT does not prescribe word counts as our digital publishing model supports articles of all lengths. That being said feature articles and guest editorials usually exceed 750 words.

Article Submission

Before submitting an article to Pulse+IT, please note that:

  • Articles should be reviewed by at least one of the writer’s colleagues with an insight into the subject matter.
  • Articles can be attached to an email and submitted in most popular word processing formats.
  • Any diagrams or pictures should be attached to the email and not embedded in the article text. Where the positioning of the diagram/picture is important, include a reference in the article text to indicate where the image should be placed on the page layout.

News Stories

Pulse+IT welcomes press releases and article suggestions from organisations operating in the “Health IT”, “Health”, and “IT” sectors. For Pulse+IT’s purposes, an ideal press release will:

  • Succinctly answer the four Ws (Who, What, Why, Where), as well as ‘How’.
  • Be generated in consultation with both technical and managerial staff members from the organisation to moderate the influence of over-enthusiastic marketing/PR personnel.
  • Ensure any claims that are subjective or promotional in nature are attributed to a representative of the organisation.
  • Include the names, phone numbers and email addresses of all people referenced in the press release, and suitable times to contact these people.
  • Include an ‘Embargo Until’ date if applicable, or be clearly marked ‘For Immediate Release’.

Assuming the subject matter presented in the press release is deemed relevant by Pulse+IT, adhering to these guidelines will increase the chance of news editorial being generated by Pulse+IT staff writers.


As an publication devoted to Australia and New Zealand, Pulse+IT does not actively pursue Health IT developments outside of these markets.

With the exception of awards granted by relevant industry associations, Pulse+IT does not generally cover news relating to awards.

Australasia's leading voice in digital health news

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