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8 June 2024 |

Blog: Abrupt end for MediSecure a long tale of Australian eHealth

It didn’t come as a massive surprise when we learned earlier this week that electronic prescription exchange service MediSecure had…
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31 May 2024 |

Blog: Forward march for digital scribes in clinical practice

The last 18 months in digital health globally has been dominated by the astounding capabilities that AI is likely to…
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24 May 2024 |

Blog: Still in the dark about MediSecure hack as light shines elsewhere

It was another big week in digital health this week, with the fallout from the MediSecure ransomware attack still reverberating,…
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17 May 2024 |

Blog: Budget bingo for aged care IT as sharing by default back in the news

The big budget largesse laid out on Tuesday night for aged care technology and the Strengthening Medicare program was somewhat…
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10 May 2024 |

Blog: A shoebox of PDFs and the Prod Comm’s dodgy figures

In what has been a massive week for digital health in Australia – a new authority set up to implement…
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3 May 2024 |

Blog: Our old mate the EMR still the bedrock of digital health

There was some late breaking news in the wonderful world of digital health today when it was announced that the…
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26 April 2024 |

Blog: Newsweek and the world’s weirdest top 400 list

Pulse+IT was tootling around on the intertubes this week and came across what looked like a fabulous new resource from…
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19 April 2024 |

Blog: Testing AI in the sandbox and in the real world

It’s hard to escape AI as the hot topic in digital health news at the moment, what with clinical applications…
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12 April 2024 |

Blog: VC v TC: choose the modality that suits you, sir

Telehealth was back in the news this week with the release of a great paper from the stellar team at…
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5 April 2024 |

Blog: Dr Google, Dr ChatGPT and a prompt engineer walk into a bar …

Our dodgy headline for the week comes from a terrific new paper by the University of Queensland’s Bevan Koopman and…
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