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21 November 2023 |

Opinion: Re-framing the artificial intelligence in healthcare debate

Decades into the future, when we finally have autonomous flying cars and intelligent nanobots vanquishing cancer cells in our bloodstream,…
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26 October 2023 |

Opinion: Healthcare must establish parameters for safe and ethical use of AI

Ongoing advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have consolidated the technology’s position as the latest frontier in digital health. Indeed, AI…
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3 October 2023 |

Opinion: Telehealth: Advance Australia Fair

Telehealth is a powerful tool in the fight against health inequality. It enables precious healthcare resources to be distributed across…
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12 July 2023 |

Opinion: AI will transform healthcare: Australia should seize the moment

In this effervescent moment of AI renaissance triggered by ChatGPT, health is one of the most active arenas. It has…
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16 February 2023 |

Opinion: We cannot afford to wait for the rural specialist workforce to improve

I’ve seen the challenges faced by rural communities when it comes to accessing specialist healthcare. While improving infrastructure and attracting…
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25 November 2022 |

Opinion: Epic costs likely in EMR flip from Cerner

The cost of flipping NSW Health’s electronic medical record platform from Cerner to Epic could cost up to $1 billion…
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18 October 2022 |

Opinion: Analytics study shows door is open to data-driven care transition

The subject of healthcare analytics and interoperability has long been fraught in Australia. The complexities and difficulties presented by our…
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11 November 2021 |

Opinion: Telehealth as cornerstone of Covid community care

The federal government’s recent announcement giving responsibility for dealing with Covid patients mainly to GP practices includes an implication of…
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5 October 2021 |

Opinion: shadow IT dampens security of healthcare data

When the relentless Delta variant made its way through New Zealand’s defences in August, the Prime Minister locked down the…
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26 October 2020 |

Opinion: ePrescriptions still in a state of lockdown

Congratulations Australia. In 2020 in the year of COVID-19, widespread lockdowns, quarantine and MBS-funded telehealth, legalised ePrescriptions have finally arrived.…
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