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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Pulse+IT takes the protection of your privacy seriously. This document outlines privacy-related information that may be of interest to users of this website.

Demographic information

Pulse+IT collects and stores voluntarily provided demographic information for the purpose of:

  • Publishing comments submitted by readers at the bottom of articles.
  • Managing an eNewsletter subscriber database.
  • Managing a website subscriber database.
  • Managing a database of advertisers.
  • Managing a database of writers.

All information provided to Pulse+IT, either via this website or through other contact, is stored securely and will not disclosed to any third party unless:

  • We are required to by law.
  • We belief that the disclosure of such information will lessen a serious threat to a person’s health or safety.
  • The third party is a trusted cloud service provider utilised by Pulse+IT for its operations e.g. Google, Apple, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Paypal and Shopify

The Pulse+IT website accepts Visa and MasterCard payments using Stripe functionality via the online store service.

After a sale has been completed using the Stripe service, Pulse+IT receives an email that contains the demographic details entered by the customer. Pulse+IT does not receive or store any credit card information provided by the customer to Stripe.

For more information about the Paypal service, please visit:

Google Analytics

The Pulse+IT website uses Google Analytics to monitor website usage.

For more information about the Google Analytics service, please visit:

Google AdWords

Pulse+IT uses Google Adwords to promote its services to both eNewsletter subscribers and people who have visited the Pulse+IT website.

For more information about the Google Adwords service, please visit:


The Pulse+IT website utilises the MailChimp managed email service for its eNewsletter service.

For more information about MailChimp, please visit:

Links to external websites

The Pulse+IT website contains links to other websites that we have no control over. Please be conscious of this fact before disclosing any personal information to these websites.

For more information

If you have any queries about the information provided on the Pulse+IT website, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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