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The 2023 New Zealand Digital Health Hot Top 10

11 December 2023
By Kate McDonald
Te Whatu Ora's director of strategy and investment for data and digital, Darren Douglass.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Accenture was chosen by Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand to build the National Data Platform (NDP), which aims to establish a nationally consistent system of data capture, analytics and intelligence.

That story was the most popular NZ story on Pulse+IT in 2023 by far, allied to the appointment of former Accenture ANZ managing director Leigh Donoghue as New Zealand’s new chief data and digital officer.

National platforms and national scale were a big feature of the year, with a story on how NZ will shape its investments one of the most popular. News from the Ministry of Health on its AI plans and the ongoing development of the Hira health information were also a big feature.

Other big news included new solutions from perennial favourites Orion Health with its digital front door concept, and a brand spanking new EMR and extensive interoperability platform from Dedalus. Best Practice was in there too with its Kiwi trial of a cloud-based all-in-one solution called Omni, along with home-grown hero ARANZ Medical and its Silhouette system.

1. Accenture to build National Data Platform for Te Whatu Ora Health NZ

2. Orion Health’s three-pillar strategy for unified healthcare through a digital front door

3. Dedalus targets ANZ with ORBIS cloud-enabled electronic medical record

4. Fewer, better platforms and national scale at the heart of NZ’s data and digital plans

5. Dedalus rolls out DC4H interoperability platform across ANZ

6. Best Practice emerges in the cloud with Omni beta release

7. Perth hospitals using NZ-developed digital wound imaging system for diabetic foot ulcers

8. Leigh Donoghue heads to NZ as new chief data and digital officer

9. Health NZ’s four-point plan for AI and machine learning

10. Hira Marketplace grows as NZ terminology service expands

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