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iMedX to offer gen AI documentation and speech recognition technology

15 January 2024
By Kate McDonald
Image: iStock

Transcription solution provider iMedX has partnered with US firm DeliverHealth to offer a roadmap for generative AI documentation and speech recognition technology for Australian and New Zealand users.

iMedX’s clinical documentation solutions are powered by DeliverHealth’s cloud-based eScription One (eSOne) platform, which is used by a range of healthcare organisations in the region, including Te Whatu Ora MidCentral and Te Whatu Ora Southern.

iMedX has now signed an innovation roadmap with DeliverHealth to transform the way traditional transcription services are delivered for eSOne customers.

iMedX Australia and New Zealand managing director Alex Zacher said new features will be on offer including enhanced speech recognition options for clinicians in the clinical documentation workflow, real time turnaround for clinical documentation using AI technology, and the use of the latest integration technology to do the heavy lifting in workflow automation.

The partnership will allow iMedX to be able to offer all eScription One customers the ability to natively improve clinician productivity and reduce documentation costs, Mr Zacher said.

“The roadmap will leverage the experience and expertise iMedX has in Australian and New Zealand hospitals and health services with new technologies, aiming to elevate the value we deliver across the entire workflow process through workflow management, integration, quality documentation, after sale support, turnaround times and operational efficiencies that reduce costs.”

The clinical documentation roadmap is on track to launch this year.

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