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International health IT week in review: September 10

10 September 2023
By Kate McDonald
Image: iStock

AI imaging models for oncology and pathology, YouTube’s new tools for healthcare content writers, Register with a GP Surgery service, Babylon sells UK assets minus GP at Hand, experts forecast Qakbot resurgence, UK flu and Covid-19 vax system dumped, US EMR vendors “info sharing-ready”

Microsoft collab to build world’s largest pathology, oncology imaging AI

Health IT Analytics ~ Shania Kennedy ~ 07/09/2023

Microsoft and Paige aim to transform cancer care by developing the world’s largest image-based artificial intelligence models for oncology and pathology.

YouTube launches new products for healthcare content creators

MobiHealthNews ~ Jessica Hagen ~ 07/09/2023

The IQ-Creator Program supports healthcare professionals in creating content for underserved communities, while Aloud uses AI to dub videos in multiple languages.

More than 425,000 NHS patients use online GP registration service

Digital Health News ~ Cora Lydon ~ 06/09/2023

Since its launch in August 2022, the Register with a GP Surgery service has seen more than 425,000 NHS patients use the online service, which offers convenient access to GP registration.

Babylon Health sells majority of UK assets to eMed

MobiHealthNews ~ Jessica Hagen ~ 05/09/2023

The company’s app GP at Hand, which provides primary health services to NHS customers in London and is still operating, is not part of the sale.

National immunisation system switched off just ahead of winter campaign

Digital Health News ~ Jon Hoeksma ~ 05/09/2023

NHS England has cancelled the contract with the supplier of the current national flu and Covid-19 vaccination system in favour of an alternative as yet unproven system.

Cybercrime tremors: experts forecast Qakbot resurgence

Healthcare Info Security ~ Mathew J Schwartz ~ 04/09/2023

Score one for the good guys. Except with Qakbot’s operators and developers appearing to remain at large, they could well regroup and relaunch the service.

EHRA: Vendors and their healthcare clients ready for ‘info sharing’

Healthcare IT News ~ Andrea Fox ~ 01/09/2023

With information blocking penalties beginning, the HIMSS Electronic Health Record Association says it’s optimistic about the work its members have done to enable wider EHI sharing and get ahead on compliance – which is still evolving.

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