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International health IT week in review: November 20

20 November 2022
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Kate McDonald

OpenNotes, South Africa’s plans for centralised data, Epic on Google Cloud, Canada’s data exchange problems, NHS England and budget dramas, FDA guidance on medical device cybersecurity, Amazon’s virtual medical clinic, reducing note length on EMRs, has digital health venture funding failed?

Knowing what the doctor knows

The Harvard Gazette ~ Alvin Powell ~ 15/11/2022

Tom Delbanco, the John F. Keane and Family Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, is a pioneer in the “open notes” movement, having supported greater access to medical records since the 1970s, when a frank conversation with a patient led to a turnaround in care.

Crisp boasts a centralised SA health data system as part of proposed NHI

Biz News ~ Nadya Swart ~ 11/11/2022

A centralised digital health patient information system will be the backbone of South Africa’s universal healthcare within four to five years.

Google partnership makes Epic EHR workload available on Google Cloud

EHR Intelligence ~ Sarai Rodriguez ~ 17/11/2022

Health IT giant Epic Systems and Google Cloud have signed a deal allowing organizations utilizing Epic Systems to run their EHR workloads on Google Cloud, which aims to accelerate healthcare digital transformation.

Canada’s health-care system has a data problem, experts say. And it puts patients at risk

CBC ~ Yvette Brend ~ 17/11/2022

Greg Price died of complications after testicular cancer surgery, but a review of his case found missed faxes, follow-ups and botched data-sharing ultimately cost the vibrant 31-year-old Alberta man his life.

Uncertainty surrounds digital funding of NHS England levelling up scheme

Digital Health News ~ Jon Hoeksma ~ 16/11/2022

NHS England’s levelling up initiative, which divided NHS hospital trusts into five levels of maturity, was intended to boot-strap the least digitally mature trusts by targeting national investments that would then have to be matched with local funding.

Booking Covid jabs on NHS App coming this month says health secretary

Digital Health News ~ Jordan Sollof ~ 16/11/2022

In his first speech since returning to the role of Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Steve Barclay has revealed that there are some big updates coming soon to the NHS App, including the ability to book a Covid jab.

NHS website registers an estimated 1.2 billion visits in past year

Digital Health News ~ Cora Lydon ~ 15/11/2022

The website also runs a free syndication programme, allowing content from the NHS website to be accessed directly through other external websites, apps and internet-connected devices.

FDA updates medical device cyber response playbook

Healthcare Info Security ~ Marianne Kolbasuk McGee ~ 15/11/2022

Federal officials released updated guidance for preparing and responding to medical device cybersecurity incidents, including ransomware, as cyberattacks against the healthcare sector continue to surge.

Amazon’s latest push into digital health

FierceHealthcare ~ Heather Landi ~ 15/11/2022

Amazon has rolled out a new virtual medical clinic that aims to treat common conditions like allergies, hair loss and skin conditions.

Team-based clinical documentation cuts physician time spent on EHR notes

EHR Intelligence ~ Hannah Nelson ~ 14/11/2022

Researchers found that decreased time spent on EHR notes is primarily a function of manual text reduction and team-based clinical documentation practices.

New AMA blueprint seeks to tap the full potential of digital health

Healthcare IT News ~ Andrea Fox ~ 14/11/2022

More than $100 billion of venture funding has been invested in digital health companies since 2010, but that investment has not addressed healthcare’s greatest needs, according to the AMA report.

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