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International health IT week in review: December 3

3 December 2023
By Kate McDonald

Super-intelligent AI a distant dream: Microsoft, UK’s Faculty of Clinical Informatics to shut up shop, Nuance partners up at RSNA, AWS and Anthropic share spotlight at re:Invent 2023, Palantir contract for NHS England still reverberating, GPT-4 outperforms journal readers, AI driving VC growth in digital health

Microsoft president says no chance of super-intelligent AI soon

Reuters ~ Muvija M and Martin Coulter ~ 01/12/2023

The president of Microsoft said there is no chance of super-intelligent artificial intelligence being created within the next 12 months, and cautioned that the technology could be decades away.

FCI on the brink of closing down

Digital Health News ~ Jordan Sollof ~ 28/11/2023

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FCI) has told its members that it will likely have to be closed down and cease operations due to severe financial and other pressures.

Nuance, Paige launch network to speed up second opinions in pathology

Medcity News ~ Katie Adams ~ 27/11/2023

Paige’s digital pathology tools will be embedded into PowerShare, Nuance’s nationwide image sharing network with the goal of connecting more pathology labs to expert second opinions.

Generative AI technology leads AWS agenda at re:Invent 2023

Healthcare Info Security ~ Rahul Neel Mani ~ 28/11/2023

In an effort to upstage Microsoft in the AI space, AWS CEO Adam Selipsky invited NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang and Dario Amodei, co-founder of Anthropic, to share the stage at AWS re:Invent 2023.

Palantir’s road to the Federated Data Platform contract: a timeline

Digital Health News ~ Andrea Chipman ~ 21/11/2023

NHSE’s procurement for the Federated Data Platform and award of a £330m contract is story that has stretched over more than three years, to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, during which time Palantir has become the government’s preferred data partner.

GPT-4 outperformed 99.98% of simulated human readers in diagnosing complex clinical cases

MobiHealthNews ~ Jessica Hagen ~ 27/11/2023

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine says GPT-4 correctly diagnosed 52.7% of complex cases compared to only 36% of medical journal readers.

AI is driving VC growth in challenging digital health market environment

Digital Health News ~ Andrea Chipman ~ 24/11/2023

AI is driving European investment in digital health, led by rising interest in diagnostics, clinical decision support and provider software, but market growth in 2023 is once again on par with 2020 levels after a 2021 spurt.

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