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9 August 2006

Backup Technology

The first article in our three part series on backups looks at the most basic element of the system: the…
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9 August 2006

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

An Uninterruptible Power Supply can act as a first line of defence against data loss and downtime. They are affordable,…
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31 July 2006

Best Practice releases “top pocket”

Best Practice has upped the ante with the release of Top Pocket, a Pocket PC extension to its flagship product…
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11 July 2006

2Hippo Enters The Secure Communication Market

While secure messaging products are not scarce, this hasn’t deterred a company with perhaps the most unusual name in the…
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24 June 2006

Interoperability and Innovation in Australian Health Care

For many people, innovation carries the image of caffeine addled technologists huddled around computer workstations working deep into the night.…
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18 June 2006

Delivering Australia’s E-Health Foundations

For some years now, there has been more promise from e-health than results on the ground. One of the reasons…
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Australasia's leading voice in digital health news

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